Your Horoscope for the Week Ahead

Your weekly horoscope is here. Get your love life on track as Venus, the planet of all things beauty and desire, swings (perhaps swoons) out of retrograde. If it’s been dramatic, hang in there for act three. This is where you take those loose threads and storylines and weave them back in for a better fit. Make the most of a moment of perfect clarity and have that conversation or devise a clever plan for your destiny.

Read on to discover your weekly horoscope and what’s in store for your sign during the week of September 3 through September , 2023.


Let’s move it on out in the love department, Aries. It’s time to roll as Venus shifts into forward motion and you course correct on information gained over the last two months. Reflect on your values, aesthetics, creative self-expression, and, of course, dating. Let go of old news, embrace the new, and find sure footing with your heart-throb, whether that’s a long-lasting love, fresh and fancy-free, or an exciting creative path. If your leisure time needs a reboot, this is your sign. A midweek aha moment is due in your work sector, so take the time to sort through your ideas, communications or pitch a draft, campaign, or suggestion. Request people pitch you if they want you on board. No big decisions just yet, as Mercury is retrograde.

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As your ruling planet Venus shifts gears from retrograde to direct in your home sector, have you come to conclusions on changes? That might be around the house or connected to your heritage and family roots. This retrograde was a challenge to your sign, and you’ll get one more bump before it’s completely finished. So, push through on any design or presentation challenges. The planet of comms merges with the sun on Wednesday, suggesting clarity around self-expression both creatively and romantically. Use the time to understand a relationship or leisure activity, but know there is more to the story so test the waters rather than take definitive action.