Uncle of Jordan Neely appears in court charged with handling seven stolen credit cards

Jordan Neely’s uncle appears in court on charges of carrying a knife and handling stolen credit cards, days after demanding that Daniel Penny stand trial for death by strangulation on the subway.







The uncle of a homeless man who suffocated to death on the New York City subway appeared in court after being caught with several stolen credit cards.

A handcuffed Christopher Neely, the 44-year-old uncle of Jordan Neely, was photographed arriving at his arraignment in Manhattan on Wednesday, after being charged with four felonies and eight misdemeanors on Monday.

At the time, Neely, who like his late nephew has a lengthy criminal record, was handcuffed after being caught with seven credit cards police say were stolen, as well as an illegal knife.

Police quickly hit the career criminal with all four felonies: Criminal Possession of Stolen Property, Resisting Arrest, Jumping on Bail, and Unlawful Possession of a Weapon.

His arrest comes days after he demanded officials not plead guilty to the 24-year-old ex-Marine who strangled his 30-year-old nephew, whose death has sparked a fierce debate about self-defense and homelessness in the Big Apple. . .

Explaining his reasoning behind his desire to jail Daniel Penny, Neely told the New York Post on Saturday, if not, “he’ll do it again.”

Chrisopher Neely, the uncle of New York City subway victim Jordan Neely, appeared in court Wednesday on charges that he was using

Chrisopher Neely, the uncle of New York City subway victim Jordan Neely, appeared in court Wednesday on charges that he was using

Neely had an extensive rap sheet for crimes on the subway, including violent attacks on other passengers.

In 2021, Neely attacked an elderly woman as she was leaving the Bowery Station in the East Village. She suffered a broken nose, a fractured orbital bone and “substantial bruising, swelling and pain to the back of her head” in the Nov. 12 attack, according to a criminal complaint.

He admitted to felony assault on February 9 in exchange for an alternative program to 15 months incarceration, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

He was supposed to stay in a treatment center and stay sober.

Between January 2020 and August 2021, he was arrested for public lewdness after dropping his pants and exposing himself to a woman, misdemeanor assault for punching a woman in the face, and contempt for violating a restraining order.

All three cases were dismissed as part of their February 9 plea agreement, according to Fox News.

In June 2019, Neely assaulted Filemón Castillo Baltazar, 68, on the W. 4th St. station platform in Greenwich Village, court records show.

“Out of nowhere, he punched me in the face,” the victim told the New York Daily News. She said she saw Neely before the attack rummaging through trash cans looking for food.

A month earlier, Neely punched a man in the face and broke his nose on the Broadway-Lafayette platform, the same subway station where he died.

For both cases from 2019, he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and was sentenced to six months in jail.