Toorak letter drop tells people they are too rich and they should give away their wealth

Read the idiotic letter to residents of one of Australia’s wealthiest suburbs: ‘You’re too rich – and it’s hurting us’

  • Letter being dropped in Toorak mailboxes
  • It claims that suburban residents are too rich
  • They have to give away houses and cars

Residents of a suburb synonymous with wealth are urged by a mysterious letter to give away homes and cars.

The letter, which was left in mailboxes around Toorak, long known as Melbourne’s southeastern enclave for the well-to-do, has been posted on social media.

It starts by addressing the recipient as a “friend” before expressing concern about the “damage you are doing to society.”

“You are too rich and that harms many people,” the letter reads.

‘Millions of people are struggling to pay their rent, mortgage, energy bills and healthy food. They don’t have enough because you and others like you have too much.

“To make things better for people who don’t have enough, part of your wealth should go to them.”

A letter left in mailboxes around Toorak, an affluent Melbourne suburb, is causing a stir online

Toorak’s median house price is a whopping $5,300,000, with the suburb having the highest median household income in Victoria at $185,000, according to Australian Taxation figures for 2019/20.

The letter says that if Toorak’s wealthy do nothing about inequality, “you put us all at risk.”

“The more you have, the less there is for others and at this point you are taking more than your fair share,” the letter accuses.

It claims that “history shows” that inequality “fuels resentment and anger,” which “could turn into unrest and violence” and “endanger each and every one of us.”

“As someone who causes inequality, you have the resources and the responsibility to fix it,” the letter urges.

‘You do that by giving away a substantial part of your wealth.’

The letter explains that in order to ‘keep us all safe’, the residents of Toorak should ‘give away the possessions you don’t need to people who do need them’.

“Give any investment properties to the people who are currently renting them or to other long-term tenants,” the letter urges.

It is also calling for a similar measure with holiday homes, claiming that these two measures will help make ‘housing more affordable for all’.

With a median home price of over $5 million and the highest median household income in Victoria, Toorak (pictured) has long been considered an enclave of the well-to-do

With a median home price of over $5 million and the highest median household income in Victoria, Toorak (pictured) has long been considered an enclave of the well-to-do

The letter also requires households that own more cars than licensed drivers to give away the “extra” cars.

This isn’t all you need to do, but it’s where you need to start. Straight away. In everyone’s interest,” the letter concludes.

It signs off as being from ‘concerned friends’.

The letter did not receive much acclaim from Twitter users.

‘Commie freeloading, they’re good for nothing… They’re everywhere! They think the world owes them!’ a ventilated.

“They can report to the police, harassment, stalking, harassment…etc. A friend just forwarded it to me,” another suggested.

However, some questioned whether the letter was a hoax.

“Anyone could have made this, and there’s no evidence it was delivered,” said one Twitter user.

A number of Twitter users claimed they received the letter from friends in Toorak.