The Today show called out for unfortunate ‘family affair’ headline

Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke was involved in a public brawl on January 10 with girlfriend Jade Yarbrough and TV presenter Karl Stefanovic – who is married to Jade’s sister Jasmine – after a night out with celebrity accountant Anthony Bell in Noosa.

This is how the feud unfolded:

Clarke: Baby…

Jade: I am wrong? I’m fucking wrong? You damn liar. I saw everything, you called her

Clarke: I swear on my life. Baby, baby, belly [Anthony Bell] was at my house. Do it to me, do it to me. Belly was at the house. Belly was at my house

Clarke: I swear on my life, I swear on my life. You can do it to me, you can do it to me

Jade: You told her… You keep lying to me

Clarke: No, to my daughter’s life, to my daughter’s life

Jade: You keep lying. You’re a piece of shit

Jade: I just spoke to her. What’s wrong with you?

Clarke: No, I did not. Baby, you know what? You can hit me, you can hit me

Jade: You fucked her on December 17th

Clarke: That is not true. That is not true.

Jasmine: Go away with Karl, go with Karl

Jade: I fucking hate you

Clarke: Jade, it’s not fucking true

Clarke: Carlos [Stefanovic], I can tell you right now c**t, don’t fucking walk away. She can hit me, but you, you son of a bitch

Jade: You piece of shit

Clarke: Come on, hit me, hit me

Clock: Stop it, stop it.

Clarke: Do it again, do it again. You’re wrong, you’re fucking wrong

Jade: Oh, am I fucking wrong? You fucked her [Clarke’s ex Pip Edwards] on 17 Dec

Clarke: No, I did not

Jade: You fucked her. You screwed her, damn dog. I’m about to get every message you’ve ever sent her.

Jade: Will you send her to India? Would you fucking send her to India with you?

Jade: [Quoting a message] “You are the love of my life Pip, come to India

Clarke: Don’t ever talk to me again

Jasmine: Stop Jade, stop

Clock: Let it go Jade