Taylor Swift Reveals Collab With Ice Spice—the Rapper Her Rumored BF Matty Healy Once Dissed

This is not about men putting their noses where they don’t belong! This is about two queens maximizing their joint slay! Taylor Swift and Ice Spice have a collab, and Matty Healy can cope with that however he wants to.

Swift revealed that the up-and-coming rapper is featured on a new version of her hit song “Karma,” which drops ASAP as part of the Midnights (Til Dawn Edition) deluxe album. This is both unsurprising and kinda newsworthy. As early as November 2022, Spice was crediting Swift for writing her favorite breakup song in Nylon. The pair took selfies together at the iHeartRadio awards in March 2023, and rumors of a collab leaked in early May. If you know anything about Taylor Swift, you know she plans things waaaaaay in advance, so it’s possible this has been in the works for months.

But also. She’s currently rumored to be dating The 1975 singer Matty Healy, who said some gross and racist things about Ice Spice on a podcast, even after Ice Spice said she was a fan of his band’s music! He apologized (kinda) (said he was joking), but Swift fans were not happy that their idol was with a guy who would drag another female artist in such a toxic way, and for seemingly no reason. So to hear Ice Spice potentially dropping a verse on the song that goes “Karma is my boyfriend”…let’s just say, there will be discourse!

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At the same time, Swift also announced a re-recorded version of her collaboration with Lana del Rey, “Snow On The Beach,” which many listeners pointed out featured only a smidge of LDR. So, back to the studio they went! It’s literally called “Snow On The Beach (Feat. More Lana Del Rey).”

Taylor Swift has said repeatedly that she loves to teach men how to apologize, so maybe she’s demonstrating to Healy how to make things right with a fellow artist. But also, maybe she just wants to work with other talented musicians and it has nothing to do with dudes! Not everything is about them! Freal! For her part, Spice wrote on Insta, “Karma ft me🪐😍tmm night🥳💕💕💕thxx @taylorswift for being the coolest person on earth ilu💜 5/26”