Seeing a disputed US election through the lens of turmoil in Turkey

If we can change global politics to be more progressive, then we can get rid of these movements. At the moment, the center of the political spectrum is empty. Center politicians don’t have a story with which to mobilize and organize people. There is a void.

Take French President Emmanuel Macron, for example. Why is it there? Because everyone is very afraid of the far-right leader Marine Le Pen. For the last decade at least, voting has become a tool to protect us from the worst.

This is not politics. It is a survival reaction.

Unless the center opens its arms to the left and progressives, there is no way out for democracy in the world.

Turkey has long been a model when it comes to the transition to democracy in the Muslim world. What is happening there now?

It is a massive form of dictatorship. But then these dictatorships do not have to use violence. Now they are using a different political tool, which is this very wide web of political money that is spread across the country. Even the smallest supporter of the party is receiving this money. They have a good life. If you are part of the party, or you are in the circle of the party, you have a life. Otherwise, it is not just economic transactions that are impossible. You cannot exercise your basic rights as a citizen.

There are first class citizens who are submissive to the party or to Erdogan, and others. The others, as Erdogan has said, are welcome to leave, and they leave. There is a massive brain drain from Turkey right now. It is another tragic story. Doctors, nurses, educated people, academics: they all leave.

What is the way out?

The way out, which the Turkish political forces are very inadequately attempting at the moment, is to unite: for all opposition parties, despite their political differences, to unite and, in the interests of democracy, to participate in the elections .