Russian Oligarch and Associates Indicted on U.S. Sanctions Charges

Months after Mr. Deripaska filed the lawsuit, one of his employees in the United States in recent years, a naturalized American citizen named Olga Shriki, helped with the sale of a music studio owned by the oligarch for more than $3 million. , then tried to transfer the proceeds to an account in Russia linked to the oligarch, according to the indictment.

Ms. Shriki also bought clothes and iPhones for Mr. Deripaska, which were transported to Russia by his girlfriend, as well as flower arrangements to deliver to his “social contacts” in the United States and Canada, including “two gift deliveries from Easter to an American television presenter” and two flower deliveries to a former Canadian member of parliament, according to prosecutors.

At one point, he was asked to obtain oversized American Eagle brand T-shirts for Mr. Deripaska. “Could you find them and send them urgently?” another Deripaska associate sent a message to Ms. Shriki, the indictment says.

He helped make arrangements for Deripaska’s girlfriend around the time of their first child’s birth in California, including renting a two-story penthouse in Beverly Hills and arranging for “at least five nannies and a housekeeper,” according to The prosecutors. Ms. Shriki helped obtain a US passport and birth certificate for the baby, the latter of which omitted the father’s name and spelled the child’s name “using a variation of Deripaska’s last name with a couple of letters changed.” , according to the indictment.

When Mr. Deripaska’s girlfriend reached out in April for help making similar arrangements to give birth to another child in Los Angeles, Ms. Shriki responded that she was busy with another full-time job and instead instructed another Deripaska associate on how to make arrangements. , according to the indictment.

In addition to the count of conspiracy to violate sanctions, Ms. Shriki was charged with obstruction of justice for expunging records requested by a grand jury.

Federal agents arrested Ms. Shriki around 6 am Thursday at her home in Jersey City, NJ, where she lives with her husband, two young children and her mother, people with knowledge of the matter said. Dressed in striped pants and a dark green shirt, she appeared in federal court in Lower Manhattan that same day before a coroner, James L. Cott, and was released on $2 million bail, in part. insured by your home.