Republican Rebel Dan Bishop Tears Up Squad Member Cori Bush For Calling Byron Donald A ‘Gag’

Republican Rep. Dan Bishop accused opponents of “grotesque, racist” rhetoric after a Democratic MP called Black Representative Byron Donalds a “gag” by archconservatives who support him as speaker in the House.

Bishop pounced on Democrats on the House floor on Thursday as he delivered a nomination speech for Donalds, who found himself in the spotlight Wednesday after a group of Republican rebels fell behind him as their alternate nominee for Speaker in their battle against Rep. Elect Kevin McCarthy .

Democratic Rep.-elect Cori Bush (Mo.) tweeted that Donalds was a “prop” whose candidacy upholds “white supremacy,” rebukes from both Donalds and Bishop.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with Mr. Donalds, especially lately. He’s not a gag!’ Bishop said, to the applause of Republicans who gathered to try again to pick a speaker.

Rep. Elect Dan Bishop (R-NC) said Rep. Elect Byron Donalds “isn’t a gag,” blasting Rep. Elect Cori Bush, who suggested he was. A group of arch-conservatives, including Bishop, have voted for Donalds as speaker as they oppose Kevin McCarthy’s bid

“I know Byron – he’s not a prop. He is a man of personal conviction,” he said of the Florida legislator’s second term.

He said he sat a stone’s throw from Donalds as Bush blasted her tweet. He called Bush’s attack, without naming her, an example of “grotesque, racist rhetoric.” The remark united Republicans, who were otherwise divided on the floor, as they exchanged accusations of political terrorism against each other.

Bush’s tweet put Democrats on the defensive during a week of taking advantage of the chaos within the House Republican conference.

Hakeem Jeffries, leader of the minority group in the House of Representatives, avoided a direct response to a question about this during a press conference Thursday.

Bishop had previously made the same point on Fox News.

“That’s so inappropriate. And if you know Byron Donalds like I know Byron Donalds, he’s not a gag. It’s time to get behind some things we’ve been doing for far too long and now is a good time to do it,” he said.

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds fired back at Democratic Rep. Cori Bush for suggesting he was a “prop” in the speaker race because he supports white supremacy.

Democrats cheered for Rep. Elect Hakeem Jeffries when Bishop said the House “could have nominated the House of Representatives’ first black speaker”

Rather, there was a lighter moment of racial politics in Bishop’s comments.

‘Yesterday we could have nominated the first black speaker of the House of Representatives,’ he began. That roused the Democrats and shouted “Hakeem!” as they rallied around their own leader, who is the first African American to elect either side in either chamber. Democrats have pointedly noted that Jeffries continues to receive the highest vote totals for speaker amid the GOP split.

Donalds would be the first Republican to hold the post.

Texas Representative Chip Roy cited race when he nominated Donalds on the floor on Wednesday, citing Dr. Martin Luther King.

“We try not to judge people by their skin color, but by the content of their character,” he said.

The defense came after Donalds himself fired back at Bush for suggesting he was a “prop.”

The Florida congresswoman-elect said “no one” asked the Squad member for her opinion, asked her for a policy debate and told her not to be a “crab in a barrel.”

When announcing the nomination in the first round, Roy noted the historic nature of having two black candidates for House Speaker. It came after Democrat Rep. Pete Aguilar had nominated incoming Democratic Majority Leader Hakeem Jeffries for the gavel.

It earned a standing ovation from both sides of the House, but Bush was not moved.

“He’s a prop,” Bush, who is also black, wrote on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

Bush dismissed the enthusiasm surrounding the historic nature of Rep.  Byron Donalds for House Speaker

Bush dismissed the enthusiasm surrounding the historic nature of Rep.  Byron Donalds for House Speaker

Bush dismissed the enthusiasm surrounding the historic nature of Rep. Byron Donalds for House Speaker

Despite being black, he supports a policy agenda aimed at maintaining and perpetuating white supremacy. His name in the mix isn’t progress — it’s pathetic.”

“No one has asked Cori Bush for her opinion on this. Before you judge my agenda, let’s have a debate about the policy and the results. Until then, don’t be a crab in a barrel!’ Donald responded.

Donalds was also asked about Bush’s comments during an appearance on Fox Business on Thursday morning, saying, Man, that was stupid, man, to be honest, man… If you see a black man stand up, get the man up , even if you disagree with him.’

Former GOP Representative Doug Collins condemned Bush’s comments as racist.

“Congressman, this is racism and you must be held accountable. It is disgraceful, disgusting and dishonorable,” Collins replied to the post.

Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah said, “[I]If you can’t disagree with your co-worker… without accusing him of being racist, you may be part of the problem.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Donalds spoke to reporters on the steps of the US Capitol at an impromptu press conference after his name was brought up in the race.

He said it’s “up to” McCarthy whether he drops out of the running for House Speaker.

Donalds spoke to reporters on the steps of the U.S. Capitol after voting for himself in Wednesday’s second round of Speaker voting, and the fifth overall.

Asked by about his reaction to Donald Trump endorsing McCarthy, Donalds – a supporter of the ex-president himself – turned down the high-profile financier.

President Trump has been in that position for several months. Knowing President Trump, he won’t change his mind,” Donalds began.

‘That’s all well and good, but the members will determine this process. And you know, that’s not a disrespect to President Trump at all. That’s just the reality of the House.”

It comes after Colorado GOP Representative Lauren Boebert, another Trump ally, publicly demanded that the ex-President call McCarthy and tell him to withdraw from the race as she nominated Donalds in his place on one of the ballots from Wednesday.

The House of Representatives failed to elect a speaker on the first round of voting for the first time in 100 years on Tuesday — then became further confused when McCarthy failed multiple times on Wednesday.

It’s gotten the GOP’s new — albeit slim — house majority off to a chaotic start.

A group of 19 conservatives derailed McCarthy’s bid despite him making last-minute concessions they’d asked to greenlight a measure that would allow five Republicans to call for another presidential vote at any time to ask – known as the motion to leave.

Donalds joined their rebellion in the third round, when McCarthy’s critics had all united around GOP Rep. Jim Jordan – who has repeatedly said he doesn’t want the gavel.

Then on Wednesday, Donalds was nominated by Texas Rep. Chip Roy in the first round and Boebert in the second round.

He told reporters on Wednesday that he “actually” didn’t desire the Speakership, adding, “I never came here to try and lead.”

House Republicans are confused with a second day of session without a speaker

House Republicans are confused with a second day of session without a speaker

House Republicans are confused with a second day of session without a speaker

It has led to multiple heated moments on the House floor between GOP members for and against Kevin McCarthy

It has led to multiple heated moments on the House floor between GOP members for and against Kevin McCarthy

It has led to multiple heated moments on the House floor between GOP members for and against Kevin McCarthy

“I didn’t come to DC because I was interested in running for Speaker of the House,” Donalds said.

“But I also understand that, you know, part of my responsibility is to make sure our conference gets to a point where we do things in an effective and constructive way.”

Unlike Jordan, who also said he didn’t want the role he was nominated for on Tuesday, Donalds voted for himself in all three rounds on Wednesday.

Republicans are already in disarray on the second day of their narrow majority.

The 118th Congress has not yet been sworn in due to the delay in electing a new president.

GOP lawmakers could be seen having intense conversations on the House floor and in several corridors outside the room.

McCarthy’s critics have made it clear that his concessions are not enough, indicating that the battle between the sides has taken a very personal turn.

Donalds originally supported McCarthy, but has since called for more discussions and meetings for his party to work out a compromise.

However, he told reporters that the fight may not be over for the current House GOP chief.

“I don’t think we’re there right now,” he said when asked if McCarthy should step aside. “I think there are a lot of members in the room who want to have serious conversations about how we can get this all done.”

“But I’m not going to speak for Kevin, and that’s something he and his team need to sort out.”

He suggested he hadn’t spoken to McCarthy yet, but “anticipated” a conversation later Wednesday.