Prince Harry “begged Prince Charles not to marry Camilla,” claims a new book

Prince Harry ‘begged Prince Charles not to marry Camilla’ and feared she might one day be his ‘wicked stepmother,’ claims his new book







Prince Harry has used his memoirs to claim that he and William begged Charles not to marry Camilla after Diana’s death, fearing she would be their “wicked stepmother.”

He claims that he and his brother wouldn’t get in the way of his father’s relationship, but asked him a second time not to marry, calling her the “other woman.”

Charles had tried to “win over the kids” before asking the public to accept Camilla, the book claims. Harry said her first meeting was like an “injection” — “close your eyes and you don’t even feel it,” he said.

He said, “I remember wondering… if she would be cruel to me; if she were like all the wicked stepmothers in the stories.”

Released six days earlier in Spain, the Duke of Sussex’s book reveals him calling William his ‘nemesis’ and ‘opposite’ before describing the moment he was told Princess Diana was dead, MailOnline can reveal today.

The Duke of Sussex accuses his older brother of being the aggressor during Megxit, claiming their relationship has become so strained and damaged that the Prince of Wales would only anger him.

Harry reveals that hours after Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021, he had a secret meeting with William and Charles – close to the graves of King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson – but said his father and brother would not listen to him, claiming of not to understand why he had emigrated.

His attacks on William and Charles are revealed at the beginning of the Spanish version of his book ‘Spare’. There the book is called ‘En La Sombra’, which translates as ‘In the shadows’, and begins with the dedication: ‘For Meg, Archie and Lili… and of course my mother’.

The book isn’t due out until Tuesday morning, but appears to have appeared abroad early on, with several excerpts leaked to the left-wing press.

MailOnline can reveal today that Chapter One will begin after Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021, where he describes meeting his father and brother in the grounds of Windsor Castle, close to Frogmore Cottage, where the Sussexes stay when they are in the UK .

Harry, who calls his brother ‘Willy’, says he came to Britain to say goodbye to Prince Philip, but also asked for a ‘secret meeting with my older brother and my father’. He also revealed that his grandmother, the Queen, called him in the US to tell him, ‘Harry….grandfather has passed away’.

The Prince describes waiting close to the graves of the former King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson, for whom he gave up the throne, and reflects on his own quarrel with his family.

But Harry says that as soon as he saw William and Charles enter the gardens, he said he knew they were there for a ‘duel’ rather than a reconciliation. He claims they interrupted him every time they tried to explain.

He wrote: ‘I looked at Willy, really looked at him, perhaps for the first time since we were little, taking in every detail: his familiar frown, which had always been the norm in his dealings with me’.

He said his brother’s baldness was “alarming” and “advanced than mine” and said his resemblance to their mother had “faded.”

He described his brother, once his best friend, as his “opposite,” saying, “My dear brother, my nemesis, how did we get to this point?” I felt an overwhelming fatigue. I wanted to go home’.

Harry then accused William and Charles of effectively tricking him by denying that he understood why he and Meghan had left for the US. Harry said of Frogmore Cottage, ‘Willy, this should have been our house. We would spend the rest of our lives here.”

William replied, “You’re off, Harold.” Harry said, “Yeah, and you know why,” and his brother shot back – Honestly, no. Harold… not really.’.

Harry then turned to Charles “who looked at me with an expression that said, ‘Me neither.’

He said he felt they didn’t know him and were “unable to listen to him.”