Perth teen reveals the shocking question she was asked at the ‘worst job interview’ she’s ever had

Young Aussie opens up about ‘worst job interview’ ever and shocking question from ‘rude’ manager

  • Perth teen said she was thankful she didn’t get a job at Boost Juice
  • Phoebe Holmes was asked to return for a second interview in 2020
  • She said when she got there the manager said it would actually be a trial shift.
  • Teen Said Woman Looked At Her Denim Skirt And Said She Was ‘Not Ready To Work’







A Perth teenager has revealed the shocking question a ‘rude’ manager asked her during the ‘worst job interview’ she ever had.

Phoebe Holmes, 19, said she had applied for a job at Boost Juice, a popular smoothie and juice bar with 580 stores worldwide, in 2020.

He said he was asked to come back for a “second interview,” but when he got to the store, the manager announced that it would actually be his trial shift.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Ms Holmes explained that she had worn black leggings and a black top to show what she would wear to work in the initial group interview.

She then wore a denim skirt and a ‘nice top’ for the second ‘solo’ interview because her mother had said that her leggings were not the proper ‘interview outfit’.

“Instead of taking me to the chair, he asked me to go into the kiosk,” the teenager said.

Phoebe Holmes, 19, (pictured) said she applied for a job at Boost Juice, a popular smoothie and juice bar with 580 stores worldwide, in 2020 but didn’t get the job.

“So I walk into the newsstand and she looks me up and down.”

‘And she dead *** says: ‘What are you wearing? You’re not ready to work’.’

Holmes said the manager agreed to do the interview but was “rude” and didn’t ask her any job-related questions.

“You’re asking me what I’m going to do after this, there are no proper interview questions,” he said.

“I just wanted to say, what’s your problem, I know I haven’t done anything wrong, you messed up, but you’re not going to admit it and blame me.”

The 19-year-old said the manager stopped the interview after just two minutes.

‘I never heard from her again. If that was who was going to be my boss, I’m glad I didn’t work there,’ he said.

A Boost Juice spokesperson told Daily Mail Australia that Ms Holmes’ interview experience was an “unacceptable way to be treated” at Boost.

“We really work hard to create positive experiences with potential employees, so it’s especially disappointing when we don’t meet our expectations,” he said.

“We have many thousands of happy Boosties, and we will use this as an opportunity to reinforce the importance that everyone should have the same positive experience in our network.”

Ms. Holmes said the manager agreed to do the second interview, but was “rude” and didn’t ask her any job-related questions (pictured is a Boost Juice store that was not involved in the incident)

TikTok users were quick to share their own job interview horror stories.

“I had a phone interview and then they called me and told me to come back for a group interview,” one woman wrote.

‘I arranged the group interview and was told we would be there for two hours. Not once did they mention that it would be two hours. My poor mother was waiting outside.’

‘I had an interview at Boost Juice. It lasted literally 10 minutes and the guy got a phone call within two minutes and got another girl to work to interview her,” said another.

Always ask for things in writing for this reason. You can politely ask, “a second interview sounds great, can you email me the details?” a third advised.

However, employment no longer seems to be an issue for Ms. Holmes, who has launched her own online business, Best Boutique Storeearlier this week.