Nambour Christian College teacher Dalton Schloss denies having sex with female student, kissing her

A Queensland teacher is suing his former school for unfair dismissal. In court documents, he claims allegations that he had sex with a student in a classroom and kissed her at a school event are patently untrue.

Dalton Schloss, a former year co-ordinator at Nambour Christian College, in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast hinterland, claimed he was fired in November as a result of an “unfair” investigation into the allegations.

He also claimed in court documents that allegations that he acted “predatory” were false and were used as a cover to fire him for “upsetting” his bosses by taking a period of extended parental leave and asking questions about the COVID-19. vaccine mandate.

Mr. Schloss is suing the school for compensation and reinstatement.

Dalton Schloss (pictured), former year coordinator at Nambour Christian College, in Woombye, QLD, is suing his former employer for unfair dismissal

Mr. Schloss was charged by the school with having sex with a student in a classroom, texting her with a phone application that deleted texts after 24 hours, and kissing her backstage at the school formal, federal court documents obtained by The Australian revealed.

He was also accused of driving the student to appointments outside of school hours and meeting her, the documents revealed.

Mr Schloss has vehemently denied the allegations and Daily Mail Australia does not suggest that the allegations are true.

The student involved in the allegations was reportedly over the age of 18 at the time.

On December 14, 2021, almost a year before the allegations were brought forward, Mr Schloss had met with his superiors to discuss furlough options as he was unwilling to take the Covid-19 vaccine, which at the time was mandatory for teachers in Queensland.

Unvaccinated school staff in Queensland have since been able to return to work after the mandate was lifted on June 30, 2022.

Executive Director Geoff van der Vliet told Mr. Schloss that he had no leave available, which Mr. Schloss later discovered was incorrect, according to court documents.

On January 4, Mr Schloss told the director he was under “significant stress” and had to take a period of parental leave to support his family due to his wife’s brain tumor and medical concerns for his newborn daughter.

The court heard Mr Van der Vliet approved Mr Schloss’s furlough but said it was ‘premature’.

When Mr. Schloss returned to work on April 19, he said the executive team was “distant” according to court documents.

Mr Schloss denied allegations of predatory behavior against him by Nambour Christian College staff

Mr Schloss denied allegations of predatory behavior against him by Nambour Christian College staff

Then, on September 6, Mr. Schloss was informed that allegations had been made against him.

The court heard Mr Schloss was fired on November 1, nearly a month after the investigation was concluded.

Mr Schloss claimed in court documents that the school had used the ‘false, defamatory and untrue allegations of unnamed complainants’.

He said the investigation into him was “bland” and aimed at getting him fired after he “upset” the school by “exercising his workplace rights” to take furlough, court documents revealed.

Its statement of claim said the school “predetermined the outcome and made a decision regarding the case without bidding [him] an opportunity to respond’.

Despite Mr. Schloss denying all claims, the school hired law firm Macpherson Kelley to investigate the allegations.

Attorney Adam Foster found the only substantiated claim that Mr Schloss had forged a ‘friendship’ with the student and regularly caught up with her at school.

Mr Schloss continued to deny this allegation, saying the lawyer had ‘put words in his mouth’.

Van der Vliet said the school has worked “openly and transparently” with all parties, including the police and the Fair Work Commission.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Nambour Christian College and the Queensland Department of Education for comment.