Lily-Rose Depp Resurrected the Toe-Loop Sandal—and Added a Grunge Twist

One of the most sought-after Gen-Z stars of the moment? Lily-Rose Depp (duh), who gained countless column inches this summer as pop sensation Jocelyn in the controversial (and short-lived) series The Idol. Beyond her acting, Depp’s status as a Chanel ambassador and fashion influencer has made her a poster girl for a new-age take on the French-girl aesthetic. Recently, however, she’s undergone something of a style metamorphosis, channelling an underground ’90s pop culture vibe that’s more band tees and clogs than ballet flats and couture.


Perhaps this shift could be attributed to her relationship with musician 070 Shake? Countless celebrities have undergone style transformations after becoming part of a new couple—just look at Kourtney Kardashian. Then again, the 24-year-old starlet might simply be enjoying experimenting with her off-duty wardrobe.

Depp’s new look evokes the grunge aesthetic, famously popularized in the ’90s by Nirvana and its revered frontman, Kurt Cobain. This style was propelled into the mainstream by Marc Jacobs through his Perry Ellis spring/summer 1993 collection (which led to his dismissal from the role of creative director despite being a seminal fashion moment).

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