Kamala Harris slammed after Bridgerton star posts photos with the VP at Women’s History Month event 

“She doesn’t have a border crisis to work on?” Kamala Harris faces criticism after Bridgerton star Simone Ashley posts photos with the VP at her Women’s History Month event

  • Bridgerton starlet Ashley Simone posted a photo of herself and Vice President Kamala Harris at a champagne brunch on International Women’s Month
  • The actress was lashed out in the comments section for posing with the VP, who was mocked by many of her followers for being a failure
  • One of them mocked Harris for not addressing the crisis on the southern border, a role the president had specifically assigned to her

Vice President Kamala Harris was slammed into the comments section of Bridgerton actress Simone Ashley’s Instagram on Saturday after the starlet posted a photo of the pair at an International Women’s Month event.

The event took place at the VP’s residence in Washington, D.C. and included a champagne brunch, with Harris and other top legislators mingling with celebrities including Ashley Nicole, Lori Harvey and Megan Thee Stallion.

According to FiveThirtyEights, Harris currently has a 42 percent approval rating and a 52 percent disapproval rating.

The tepid numbers seemed to be reflected in Ashley’s social media comment section, where users warned the young actress to stay away from the VP.

The VP has previously faced a lot of media backlash for her ineloquence, her often inappropriate laughter, and her apparent lack of knowledge on a variety of important topics.

Honor: Bridgerton star Simone Ashley marked the moment. “@kamalaharris it was an honor to meet you”

The comments about the vice president on Ashley's instagram were mostly negative

The comments about the vice president on Ashley’s instagram were mostly negative

“Simone, stay away from her. I believe she is fake. Love you!’ wrote a user.

“She doesn’t have a border crisis to work on?” wrote another, sarcastically referring to Harris’s appointment as border czar, which has had little or no effect on the ongoing crisis on the US southern border.

Why take a picture with her? Horrible human being,” wrote Cisto Reyes II.

A user named Jennifer Lauren wrote, “Ehhh why did you have to post this?! I really liked you and [thought] that you were smarter. Unfollow.”

“Can you name two things she’s done that make you proud of her?” asked Tia Beaudoin. “Was a big fan of yours, but this woman scored zero percent… She is not a good leader and had no admirable qualities that I have seen. Unfollow.”

Chara Louise wrote, “Ummm. Love you. Really don’t love her.’

The list of comments continues in the same vein, though some users were happy to see the couple together and many were delighted to see a photo of Simone next to rapper Megan Thee Stallion at the end of the post.

“Welcome, welcome, what a phenomenal group of women,” Harris said from the podium as she opened the meeting. “Everyone hangs out together and it feels very casual, but this is a powerful group of people”

Ashley Simone also posed with Megan Thee Stallion, who was in attendance at the event

Ashley Simone also posed with Megan Thee Stallion, who was in attendance at the event

A copy of Vice President Kamala Harris' invitation to the champagne brunch

A copy of Vice President Kamala Harris’ invitation to the champagne brunch

One user mocked Harris's role as the Border Tsar

This implies that the vice president has done little or nothing to stem the flow of migrants entering the US through the southern border

The continued influx of illegal migrants across national borders

Saturday’s rally at the vice president’s residence was a major event for women’s economic empowerment, and Harris took a moment in her opening address to thank everyone for coming to the event.

The event focused in particular on paid family leave as an investment in the future.

Harris told the star-studded guest list, “Women’s economic empowerment is about an investment in the future of our country.”

“If you raise the economic status of women, you raise the economic status of families and communities, and society as a whole benefits.”

The Veep looked sleek in a black and white check and houndstooth jacket with a sheer black top.

Last year, Republican lawmakers introduced a resolution to remove Harris as border czar and fill the spot with a more capable leader.

Harris has only visited the border once as VP and hosted most of her immigration events during the first year of her vice presidency – a tip from her office that they consider the topic a lost cause and opted instead systematically ignoring it as hundreds of thousands of migrants pour into the US each month.