Instagram influencer stalked and harassed Premier League stars after they split from Mason Mount

A model who had a one-night stand with Mason Mount stalked the England midfielder and bombarded his teammates with bizarre messages calling herself ‘Devil Baby’.

Orla Sloan, 22, admitted targeting Mount, his Chelsea teammate Ben Chilwell and Scotland international Billy Gilmour in a terrifying campaign that began after a house party at Chilwell’s home.

She changed her number 21 times to keep contacting Mount when he blocked her and promised to stop buying food to save money for new SIM cards.

Mount, 24, said he was terrified she would show up at Chelsea’s training ground in Cobham, Surrey, and Gilmour, 21, who moved to Brighton and Hove Albion last year, said he was so traumatized he couldn’t sleep.

Sloan, a social media influencer, was told she could face a prison sentence if convicted on June 20.

Orla Melissa Sloan, 22, admitted to one case of harassment without violence and two counts of stalking.

Orla Melissa Sloan, 22, took aim at Chelsea star Ben Chilwell, 26, Mason Mount, 24, and Billy Gilmour, 21 from Brighton (pictured left to right)

Orla Melissa Sloan, 22, took aim at Chelsea star Ben Chilwell, 26, Mason Mount, 24, and Billy Gilmour, 21 from Brighton (pictured left to right)

Westminster Magistrates' Court heard Sloan Mount messaged to say she's 'stop buying food so I can get more numbers'

Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard Sloan Mount messaged to say she’s ‘stop buying food so I can get more numbers’

Westminster Magistrates’ Court learned she met the footballers when Chilwell invited her boyfriend to a party at his home via an Instagram post.

After the party, she and Mount slept together once, prosecutor Jason Seetal said.

“There was contact between them for six months, after which Mr. Mount decided that the relationship would not progress and decided to end contact with the defendant,” he added.

“Then he was subjected to a bombardment of messages.”

Mount asked her to stop texting and blocked Sloan’s number, but she began messaging him from several different numbers, eventually using 21 in all, the court heard.

In a WhatsApp message, titled “Only God 10,” she wrote, “I found out about Bethany, Esme and more – I’ll find out all.”

She sent him a photo of herself paying £12.99 for a new phone number and said: ‘I’m not buying food anymore so I can get more numbers.’

And Sloan also wrote, “I really want to say sorry and if you could just talk to me and tell me how you feel I would really appreciate it as I am having a hard time getting out of the situation.

“You have to accept my apology and say I’m sorry or you’ll unlock a new character called ‘Devil Baby’, so let me apologize and make it up to you.”

Sloan regularly posts photos of himself in luxurious settings, from London nightclubs to Bali beaches

Mount then started receiving Instagram messages from an account called ‘Devil Baby’, which also published a collage of pictures of the England star with other women, with the footballer, his friends and family tagged in the images.

In a statement read to the court, Mount, who has 36 caps for England, said: “She knows where I live and where I train.

“I’m afraid since she can’t contact me, she might come to my training center.”

Chilwell, 26, was also bombarded with messages from Sloan, and collages of him with other women appeared on the Devil Baby account.

When he replied asking her to leave him alone, Sloan replied with eight more messages, the court heard.

Gilmour also received messages after the party, raising concerns with Brighton, who took extra security measures.

Sloan also made false claims that he had become pregnant by the midfielder, who joined the South Coast club from Chelsea for £9 million.

The Scotland international said: ‘This has had a very negative impact on me; I have not been able to sleep and have had to resort to sleeping tablets.

This has had a negative effect on my performance.

Mount feared the 22-year-old would show up at Chelsea's training center near Cobham in Surrey

Mount feared the 22-year-old would show up at Chelsea’s training center near Cobham in Surrey

“During the time I consistently received messages from Orla, I was in a new city where I didn’t know anyone and had no friends or family.

“This was a person I met very briefly once.

“The change in tone in her messages to get my attention was particularly concerning.

“Orla’s attacks damaged relationships and friendships I already had.”

Sloan admitted to non-violent harassment of Chilwell on one occasion and to stalking in relation to Mount and Gilmour on two occasions.

District Judge Neeta Minhas warned her that she could face a prison sentence for stalking if convicted by the same court on June 20.

“The premise for one crime crosses the liberty threshold, and it was aimed at three different people,” she said.

Sloan, who has 81,000 Instagram followers, boasted in an interview last April that she made £50,000 in just four months after leaving her job at Marks and Spencer and streaming videos of her eating Percy Pig sweets naked.

She regularly posts pictures of herself enjoying lavish travel in London, Bali, Mykonos and Indonesia.