Blink and You’ll Miss Millie Bobby Brown’s Tiny Cowboy Hat Tattoo

Millie Bobby Brown must have relied on Eleven’s supernatural abilities to hide her latest tattoo this long. The actor added a teeny-tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it tattoo to her growing collection of ink months ago, and it’s been hidden in plain sight ever since.

Brown’s cowboy hat tattoo, which is delicately drawn on her bicep, has made a few appearances in her Instagram photos, but it wasn’t until a recent photo dump that we really got to see it in action. 

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It’s a quarter-size cowboy hat drawn with fine lines, so it’s easy to overlook it at first glance. That could be why we didn’t notice it when she posted a tropical snapshot during the holidays; if you squint, you can see it in all its yeehaw glory on her arm, and it also pops up in a Florence by Mills pic from April. However, she did not have the tattoo at the Enola Holmes premiere in late October, so it must have been a late-in-the-year addition.