Blake Lively Fans Are Confused by Her Double Pants Look

Forget dresses over jeans, Blake Lively is making the case for pants over pants.

It would be more accurate to say that the It Ends With Us costume department is behind the controversial look Lively was photographed wearing in new set photos from the film adaptation of Colleen Hoover’s best-selling novel of the same name. On May 25, Lively and her freshly styled red hair were spotted in Hoboken, New Jersey wearing a pair of low-rise patterned khaki pants over what appears to be blue patchwork boxers or another pair of pants entirely.

The top half of Lively’s fit also had a lot going on, with a ribbed navy crop top layered under a yellow, blue, and white button-up shirt and matching citron leather trench. Let’s just say there was nothing subtle about this Lily Bloom look—even her footwear featured statement bronze booties! 

Blake Lively is seen filming “It Ends With Us” on May 25, 2023, in Hoboken, New Jersey.


While your favorite high school art teacher would definitely find something to love among this mix of patterns and textures, many fans were confused by this look, as well as other ensembles Lively has been seen wearing on set in recent days. “Every photo that’s released just keeps getting worse and worse,” one commenter wrote under a TikTok video of the ensemble, while another wrote, “This feels like a prank now.” 

Lily Bloom’s wardrobe is far from the only controversy plaguing It Ends With Us, including ongoing fan complaints that Blake Lively is “too old” to play the book’s 23-year-old protagonist (she’s 35). Meanwhile, one fan of the book thought this outfit matches Lily’s vibe perfectly, commenting, “The way this is EXACTLY how Lily would dress…Like do you guys know the style of her flower shop?”